“Bigger than Reko” is an attempt at doing something good for our society in whatever form we’re able.

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Projekt no 1

Our first >Reko project is to help others to start their own company. It’s a privilege to work with what you love!  If we based on the experience we get starting RekoVin, can help someone else - it would be really cool! We will share positive and negative experiences from our journey and on top we should be able to build a resource-base together in our extended community to make some more of us dare to take the chance.

We have articulated an ambition to help five more persons to start their own company in 2020. With that experience with us in 2021 we could even do better next year. We expect to find the ones to help thru our community and RekoVins channels or our partners.

A first step is to write our start-up story and share it here.

We at RekoVin meet different companies and organizations starting up our company. We would really like to have the ones we have enjoyed working with as partners in this project. We thought we could show our partners In a resource tree and hopefully this will help navigating a start-up journey.

A the end of the day there’s a job to be done, Registration and admin, Graphic designs and budgets or business plans and contacts to be made. Alone you can feel it’s a wall to climb and maybe we can offer a mentor to support and guide thru this process, for the joy of helping!

In the end if all of us starting something up describes our journeys this will be less painful for the ones coming next.


RekoVins story

Ottos story


Lorems Story


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