Post no 1 -

In  the beginning..


My name is Jörgen Scribe and I just ended my career as an employe.
Now I’m going to persue my dream of working with wine. The company is already started and I have a great role modell in my spouse who from the day she started her own firm in 94’, have been able to make a living from it.  
   My interest in wine goes far back and I’ve always enjoyed following what’s happening in Swedish, English and French media. These days it’s more fun and more important than ever to discover more honest and ecological wines. I have for many years been a part of the biodynamic association in Sweden and have tried to grow things myself based on the impact of the sun, moon and stars. 


I have now written a business plan which has been sent out to family, friends and fools on which I have gotten great feedback. -Thanks!
    It has been fun to engage with people in my sourroundings and it is absoloutely how I want to run the company going forward, - the more people who engage the better! Somewhere along the way I also had the thought that we could and should try to contribute to a more sustainable society, not just for the enviroment but in other areas as well. Try to reduce the segregation, get young people into jobs and so on .

But first things first, there’s alot to do…

Come join in!

Post no 2 -

And after that..


Hi, my name is Otto Karlsson and whilst I can’t quite (like Jörgen) say that I’m at the end of my time as an employee, perhaps I can say the excact opposite; that I, as a (soon) twenty five year old am somewhat closer to the beginning of mine.
    Not entirely sure how I ended up here, amidst “Riesling”, “Grenache”, “Pinot noir” and other things that until quite recently I refered to as just “wine.”
    I’ve been responsible for all of the graphical elements of the project so far and I figured that I could take this time to explain myself a little bit. Reko was first presented to me as a 67 page long business proposal where most of it contained econmonical terms and math that I’m afraid flew right over my head. So my first thought was to try and give an understandable structure, a base that (hopefully) others can build on top of in the future.
    The wine business is not exactly something new, but it is in some sense in dire need of change or perhaps a change back to how it used to be. We as people are more aware than ever before, but with that awerness comes new responsibilities as well. Living ecologically and resonsibly should in theory be super easy now that we’re so aware and in “the know”, but as most people reading this knows; it’s a great deal trickier than that. You could buy an apple today and accidentaly support a company that either ignores the enviroments active decline or perhaps even pretends that it’s not even real.

Things should be simpler.

With RekoVin we can hopefully lead the business with a better example and push it into the right direction. 

Post no 3 -

Something more.


“Bigger than Reko”, or perhaps “better than Reko” is our ambition to do some good outside of our enviromental goals with the wines.. So what could one small company truly achieve? -well, something!

Our first project is to help other to start their own companies. Our plan is to start a sort of infrastrucure based on our own Rekovin start up journey. We want to build this infrastrucure with our partners and friends, anyone who we personally liked working with and who can and wants to help. By doing so we hope to make it easier for anyone who comes after us and wants to start something they’re passionate about.

One problem that almost always shows up with start ups is the uncertainty over how things will devolop and how much you can really spend. You don’t really want to commit to anything, costs wise or other before you know how much money will realisticly be coming in. Most people won’t be standing in front of private equity or inside of the “dragon’s den” but they would much rather just be working on their idea. - What if we could all share the risk collectivly and offer services based on the start up needs of whoever is starting the bike delivery service, or the sustainability coaching or the graphic designer or.. you get it.

Updates will follow!

Post no 4 -

Our first wine


It’s time to choose our first wine for the Swedish market. We start with Alsace, geographically our closest French wine region, 1400km away. White and Red wine of highest quality lives in the region with many smaller-scale family vineyards and a relatively large share of Biodynamic/Natural wines.

We believe we will find wines that will fit in perfectly within RekoVins quality and environmental friendly ambitions.
    8600 bottles of Alsace wine was sold 2018 to private consumers with a price of 175 to 275 swedish kr at the wine monopoly. Only six of those wines sold more than 330 bottles a year with an average of 124 bottles and a median as low as 40 bottles. Still the majority of the wines represented at the Monopoly is the bigger growers. The reason for this can’t be the volumes as also the smaller growers could supply these volumes. So it’s more likely a matter of big scale feeding big scale – We have a mission to change this! Outside the above statistics are sales to restaurants and it seem a large portion of Natural wines are consumed there.

We have searched for growers and winemaker thru Demeter.fr who is the certification organization for biodynamic wines, various webpages for natural wine, the Raisin-app, Exhibitions and fairs and the Natural wine bar in Colmar “L’unde sens”. (If you are interested read Per Warfinge blog on Alsace)

After contacting very enthusiastic and friendly winegrowers we have now made appointments for a visit and in conjunction to this we will visit the Demeter wine exhibition in Anger in the beginning of February. Otto, Robban and Myself will go to Alsace and then Otto and Myself travels to Anger for the Exhibition. Keep an eye on our social channels 31st of January to February the 5th

Our ambition is to share our meetings and experiences and kick-off the co-creation process on our Discord channel. Please enter and take part in the process even if we are only learners at the moment, we’re really depending on your feedback to improve to next time. We hope to bring samples home for a wine tasting second half of February and we are thinking in terms of Sustainable, selected wine representing its terroir, it’s winegrower and our community.

Say hello! ︎

︎ Jorgen@Rekovin.com - ︎ 0708-201219 - ︎ @reko_vin