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Vi släpper en vinlåda med Etienne Simonis viner imorgon. Inför släppet gjorde vi en lite mer personlig intervju som vi gärna delar med oss av. The story behind…

REKOVIN:     First of all we wondered about the heritage. When you grow up on a wine yard that has been in the family for several generations can you make another choice or does it come naturally to continue the tradition?

ETIENNE SIMONIS:    “When I was 15, I had no idea what job I wanted to do. My father was a winemaker but it was not obvious for me to take over from him. I didn't like going to school very much and one day a friend said to me "but why don't you learn this job? you are lucky to have an estate!".  I went to Beaune in Burgundy to study. And then it was a revelation: I have been passionate about this job since I was 15. Of course, my father was very happy that I continued his work.”


RV:     The taking over and changing things could of course be a delicate matter If your parents changed for what they thought was better, then it would be some kind of disregard to change again, or?

ES:     “My grandfather Joseph experienced several important changes: the arrival of tractors and the beginning of direct sales. My father experienced mechanization and the use of chemicals. For me, the revolution is both to go back to listening to nature, to the plant and its needs, but also to simplify and modernize to allow us to work efficiently without chemical products.”

Simonis gården, 1955

Then we asked a little about their philosophy both in the wineyard and in the cellar.

ES:    “My philosophy is to accompany the vines, to allow them to get the best out of their terroir.  Thanks to this, we produce high quality grapes. The winemaking can then be very simple: with an excellent raw material, the final product can only be good! We want to offer natural wines that are rich in taste and offer pleasure and emotion.”

RV:     Out of curiosity we wondered if the Covid-lockdown did change anything for “The Simonis” professionally.

“The covid has changed our daily life because we receive far fewer visitors to the estate. We have less real contact with our customers but we can count on their loyalty. In the vineyard, the cycle of vegetation continues and we don’t have any problems carry out our normal tasks even during the lockdown.

Then we asked about their wine style. Not only is the wine style we experience today very generous but also if it has also changed over time.

ES:     “Yes, our wines are generous. This is due to my way of making wine and to our terroir. When I was at the beginning of my career, the style of my wines was different. I was very attracted to over-ripe grapes. I really liked making rich, very ripe wines. Today, I prefer ripe grapes but also balance.”

RV:    And finally bout the wines included in the winebox; Sylvaner vieilles vignes, 2018. Pinot Gris and Riesling Les Moulins 2017, anything particular about the wine to share?


ES:     “The 2017 vintage was marked by frost: in April, 2 days of frost destroyed 50% of the grapes. As a result, the yields were very low and there is a nice concentration in the wines. The quality of the grapes was very good with good balance and freshness. For the year 2018, it is the warmth and generosity that have marked this vintage. The grapes were abundant and very ripe. The wines are charming and expressive. Thanks to biodynamic viticulture, we were able to preserve a nice freshness on the finish.

Hoppas det var lite inspirerande läsning och att det ger lite bakgrund till både odling, årgångarna och vinerna. Vi har en "lapp i lådan" som kan ge lite inspiration till mat eller smaker till vinerna och att prova dem mot varandra ger en bra tydlighet vad de olika druvorna smakar eftersom de övriga förutsättningarna i princip är desamma, bara druvorna som skiljer.

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