Wine we enjoy has a history, a culture and most importantly; a future. We don’t believe in janking the grapes from their soul and making the wine away from the wineyard.

Our goal is not to pick a wine, rather it’s to represent a small scale wine maker and the values they represent.


is a sustainable, handpicked wine 
that represents its terroir, its grower and our 


Each of our wines are;

  • Nature, Biodynamic or perma culture.

  • Small scale and grown on a family farm.

  • Curated and picked to minimize C02 polution.

  • We pay so that the farmers we work with can remain ECO friendly.

  • We want to help smaller wine makers get into the swedish wine monopoly.


Would you like to help choose what wine makers we work with or which wine we should go for next, or perhaps you just want to talk about wine?

We have put together a discord server for this exact reason. 
Please, come join us!

Don’t have Discord? Download it for free right here: ︎ https://discordapp.com/download

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